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Playa Romana Timeshare

Do they claim a maintenance debt from you?

Habitat Playa Romana is claiming maintenance debts through letters and phone calls. Playa Romana’s debt comes from non-payment of maintenance fees for timeshare weeks

The maintenance fees for the timeshare weeks are mandatory, although depending on your contract they may or may not be resolved.

WHAT to do if they complain

Contact a lawyer

We put the best lawyer specialized in timeshares at the disposal of those affected by Playa Romana maintenance claims.

Don’t pay

Do not make any agreement or pay this company without having a lawyer see your case. This company has a large debt with the Treasury and you could commit a crime without knowing it if you pay them.

Cancel the Playa Romana timeshare

The separation or annulment claim service will allow you to get out of this perpetual debt. We have sentences from Playa Romana

what do we do?

annulment claim

If your contract is void

Nullity in accordance with the ruling of the supreme court 100%

We have sentences

Álvaro Caballero, expert lawyer

Associated Loan Nullity

Payment facilities


If your contract is not void

Timeshare prior to 1998

Cases not legally interesting

Contracts or deeds

Property registration agency in Alcossebre

Payment facilities

legal defense

If they demand fees from you

Free study

The best lawyers

Incorrect quotas

No associations

Payment facilities


I got my annulment from Playa Romana thanks to Álvaro Caballero’s office. Now I am no longer the owner and I got some of the money back.

– Antonio Blanco

The week belonged to my parents, it has already been registered in the registry in the name of Novaidea, the company that bought the week.

– Julia

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